“SirJo sounds like a soulful Elvis Costello on a journey with Bacharach..”

Rolling Stone

“SirJo is a jewel I’ve found on the Italian music scene. He sings and plays with the heart and reminds me
that there is still great talent to be found in the world.”

Vaneese Thomas – Soul singer and producer, part of the legendary Thomas/Stax legacy
(with father Rufus and sister Carla), vocalist with Aretha Franklin for more then a decade.

“Here’s lots of joy and you can have a little wine mixed with you water…if you just sing from your heart!” a voice in my head (or from my heart?) said when I was a kid in Italian family run restaurants during friends’ gatherings.

I did it, I loved it and 40 years later my current project, The Songbook Chronicles, is a SoulFunkPop experience that blends vintage and modern colors.

“What’s that?! That sounds both great and familiar, learn it!” So I started playing blues scales at piano when I was 12.

“You won’t be playing classical music for sure!”

Indeed I have developed a vertical approach to the keyboard as a consequence of being born with dysmelia, a congenital disorder involving a malformation of the limbs that affected my left hand, which I use as an “XL Groove Finger”.

At 15 I started songs started pouring from me (in English) and at 20 I moved to Los Angeles to live with my girlfriend AND (as an excuse at first) to study music. The former left me after 2 months, the latter never will.

Together with countless appearances as a guest (keys, lyricist, lead and backing vocals, mascot, spoken word friend) in the past 20 years I have recorded 5 albums featuring my songs, vocals and keyboards with different projects such as Songbook, Soulspinner and Founda(c)tion, with whom I opened for Chaka Khan, Tower of Power and Maceo Parker.


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