“SirJo sounds like a soulful Elvis Costello on a journey with Bacharach..”

Rolling Stone

“SirJo is a jewel I’ve found on the Italian music scene. He sings and plays with the heart and reminds me
that there is still great talent to be found in the world.”

Vaneese Thomas – Soul singer and producer, part of the legendary Thomas/Stax legacy
(with father Rufus and sister Carla), vocalist with Aretha Franklin for more then a decade.

Soulful singer-songwriter, atypical keyboardist, vocalist and producer, SirJo was born in Milan (where he’s now based) and he’s been singing harmonies with his uncle and his mother since he was a kid in Italian family run restaurants during friends’ gatherings (he was paid with a little wine mixed in the water, his uncle said it made you sing straight from the heart…). Since he was 12 SirJo has developed a vertical, grooving approach to the keyboard as a consequence of being born with dysmelia, a congenital disorder involving a malformation of the limbs that affected his left hand, which he uses as an “XL 6th finger”. He started writing songs at age 15, moved to Los Angeles to study music at 20 and from 20 to 46 he’s played/recorded in many countries of the Western World a wide range of musical styles (mainly Blues, Rock, Soul, Funk, Rhythm & Blues, Reggae and a bit of Jazz).

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