Composer/songwriter, vocalist, atypical keyboardist. I was born and raised in Milan, Italy (where I’m currently based) and at 20 I moved to L.A. to study music. I love/played/sang many different genres so now, after 35 years of career, I’m developing different projects: The Songbook Chronicles (FunkRockPop), The Blues Way (Blues, Rhythm & Blues), Soulful Spaceship (Electro Lo-Fi Soul), Big G & SirJo (Funk ‘n Roll). I also write and produce music for films with Violet Fire Productions.

“SirJo sounds like a soulful Elvis Costello on a journey with Bacharach..”

Rolling Stone (Italy)

“SirJo is a jewel I’ve found on the Italian music scene. He sings and plays with the heart and reminds me
that there is still great talent to be found in the world.”

Vaneese Thomas – Soul singer and producer, part of the legendary Thomas/Stax legacy
(with father Rufus and sister Carla), vocalist with Aretha Franklin for more then a decade.

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