Happy almost Winter everybody!
Back from the island of Mallorca, where I spent the summer (playing, producing, enjoying that wonderful place and the amazing friends I got there), Milan has welcomed me again for another (let’s hope not too) cold season.
Just a quick update: with Songbook we recorded, from June 2016 to June 2018, 88 new songs. About 35 of those are completely written, some are already fully produced, all have very basic tracks done (drums, bass, guitar and a hook), 12 were chosen to be on my next record and will be the ones I will mostly focus on for the upcoming months.
But…I learned that the music you keep for yourself too long eventually rottens in a wa, so some groups of songs will be released as MINI EPs sometime soon.
Soon means now: my 360° EP contains 3 unreleased fresh songs I wrote in NYC and I thought I would give it away for FREE to the ones who joined my mailing list. You can find the button here on this page 😉 If you are already on the list and want the NEW version of the 360° EP, just email me @ mailto:info@sirjococchi.com and I will send it to you 😉