The Songbook Chronicles

The Songbook Chronicles is a concept project where I publish a song every 6 weeks: after a series of 4 songs a thematic EP is released, including those 4 songs and some acoustic versions. A total of 6 EPs will be released digitally and then a special triple vinyl will be printed, including all the material. This work is the result of various recording sessions that started in June 2016 and went on until June 2018 where, with a super rhythm section, we recorded 88 tracks live in the studio: some were complete songs, some recorded as rhythm section are being reworked and completed.

The Blues Chronicles

The Blues Chronicles incorporates original songs and classics from different genres, all played with a deep blues feeling, whether it’s a soulful ballad or a funk groove. The project really started 35 years ago when I played my first scale on the piano , a C blues scale. I than sang the Blues on the stage of the New Orleans’ Jazz Fest and in many festivals throughout Europe, playing as a sideman. Now, after 30 years of career, this project is my return to where it all started: The Blues.

Big G & SirJo

Big G & SirJo is a mix of generations united by the groove. With Luigi Arieta aka Big G (drummer singer, and MC) we decided to mix Funk, Hip Hop, Italian songwriting and Rock to create our own genre, which we called Funk ‘n Roll. We write together, mixing Italian and English: we are currently producing our first EP and with a big help from our friends we’re gonna record live in the studio.

Soulful Spaceship

A project that explores the world of Lo-fi, with slow tempos and electro atmospheres: melodies and lyrics that evoke distant times in the past and in the future, but which are at the same time rooted in the present. Synthesizers and arpeggiators mix with electric pianos, voice and acoustic instruments, giving life to a hybrid that I called Electro Lo-fi Soul.


SirJo Cocchi Leadvox, Keys, MD
Pancho RagoneseKeys & programming
Lorenzo PoliEl.bass, Giovanni Giorgi – Drums & live electronics
Isabella CasucciVocalist, Elisa Rosselli – Vocalist
Alex Usai – El. Guitar, Alessandro DiaferioEl &
Pepe RagoneseTrumpet , horn arrangements
Valentino FinoliSax & reeds


A creative unit of 10 musicians that blends soul with funk, jazz and rock. FOUNDATION: the foundation of this project are a handful of songs I wrote that were arranged with the contribution of this collective. The group is made up by some of the top players of the Italian music scene. ACTION: from these songs starts a journey that combines groove, known riffs (plus fresh new ones) and improvisation. The band has released two albums: As it used 2b (2010) and As it is (2017)


The Mighty Groovin’ Stuff is a project by composer/trumpet player Pepe Ragonese. It’s a tribute Jazz Funk with a modern take and vintage sounds, with song/anthems that morph into improvisations. The first album by the band has just been released .

Pepe RagoneseCompositions, Arrangements, Trumpet, Backup vox & guitar
Pancho RagoneseWurlitzer piano, Synth bass 
Alessandro Usai  – Guitar &Backup vox
Martino Malacrida  – Drums
Rudi Manzoli  – Sax & Backup vox
SirJo Cocchi – Lead vox, Organ & Synth