“With Songbook I introduce my brand new songs, reshape what I released in the past 20 years and revisit tracks by other writers. I mix acoustic and electro sounds, new and vintage beats, improvisation and storytelling: the aim is to take the audience on a journey through space and time, with the songs serving as transportation”. Songbook comes in different shapes, from a solo performance up to a quintet with double drums. The first release is the album Songbook Trio Vol.1 (2013). The current touring line up is a quartet with guitar, bass and drums. 

SirJo Cocchi – Vocals & Efx, Piano, Synths
Lucio Enrico Fasino – Electric and Acoustic Bass, MicroKeys
Fiore Flower Garcea – Drums & Sampler
Andrea Talarico – Guitars


SirJo Cocchi Leadvox, Keys, MD
Pancho RagoneseKeys & programming
Lorenzo PoliEl.bass, Giovanni Giorgi – Drums & live electronics
Isabella CasucciVocalist, Elisa Rosselli – Vocalist
Alex Usai – El. Guitar, Alessandro DiaferioEl &
Pepe RagoneseTrumpet , horn arrangements
Valentino FinoliSax & reeds


A creative unit of 10 musicians that blends soul with funk, jazz and rock. FOUNDATION: the foundation of this project are a handful of songs I wrote that were arranged with the contribution of this collective. The group is made up by some of the top players of the Italian music scene. ACTION: from these songs starts a journey that combines groove, known riffs (plus fresh new ones) and improvisation. The band has released two albums: As it used 2b (2010) and As it is (2017)


The Mighty Groovin’ Stuff is a project by composer/trumpet player Pepe Ragonese. It’s a tribute Jazz Funk with a modern take and vintage sounds, with song/anthems that morph into improvisations. The first album by the band has just been released .

Pepe RagoneseCompositions, Arrangements, Trumpet, Backup vox & guitar
Pancho RagoneseWurlitzer piano, Synth bass 
Alessandro Usai  – Guitar &Backup vox
Martino Malacrida  – Drums
Rudi Manzoli  – Sax & Backup vox
SirJo Cocchi – Lead vox, Organ & Synth