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“The first time I heard him…wow! Suddenly there was no nationality or colour , just beautiful soulful music.”

Keisha Jackson, founder of One Voice Entertainment, vocalist with Erykah Badu & Outkast

“SirJo is a jewel I’ve found on the Italian music scene. He plays and sings with the heart and reminds me that there’s still a whole lot of talent to discover around the world”
Vaneese Thomas,  recording artist & producer, vocalist with Aretha Franklin


SirJo Cocchi, Italian born songwriter, singer, keyboardist and producer’s emotionally charged musical atmospheres are steeped in a blanket of retro soul ballads and electrically charged “feel good” songs that harken from blues, rock and jazz/funk. His powerful, rich baritone voice spouts searing melodies reminiscent of vocal legends such as Marvin Gaye, Greg Allman and Sly Stone, laid over infectious grooves. Call it blue-eyed soul with a dash of improvisational jazz — a musical experience emanating from the foundational elements of pop music at it’s very roots… rhythm & blues.

His Songbook setting of acoustic piano, vocals and electronics of rich atmospheres and improvisations marry his original compositions with eclectic covers, overlapping groovy beats and soulful melody lines on top of ballads that highlight his smoother, storyteller side. His performances go from solo piano to trio, as well as collaborations with Founda(c)tion,  a 10 piece jazz-funk ensemble, and the  avant-garde electro jazz project Wrong and Right Band.

He humbly calls himself “blessed” with the gifts of music (as if they are not of his own making) and even more “blessed” when Rolling Stone magazine defined him in 2004 as “a soulful Elvis Costello on a journey with Burt Bacharach”. He chuckles “Rolling Stone introduced me to Elvis Costello…”

SirJo has been playing the piano from an early age despite being born with a “light” form of phocomelia, a congenital disorder involving a malformation in his left hand. Nonetheless he opted to use his hand as a “sixth finger” determining that nothing would stop him from his love of piano that had indeed become his best friend and helped him through troubled times.

SirJo says, “I realized that I had unconsciously

always tried so hard to be normal and to be treated as there wasn’t anything different or special about me…I was hiding…so I eventually lowered my expectations, battling my own self-worth. Once I brought this to the surface and saw the irony and pain this caused me, I was able to rediscover myself as extraordinarily able, instead of disabled.”

By the time he was 20 he received a Keyboard Honors Degree at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, was making a living in L.A. playing the scene and by 27 he was a producer for Sony Music in Italy and had started writing for national radio.

Nonetheless, like most musicians, SirJo’s path has been an unconventional and arduous one, confronting condescension and skepticism at an early age and later the struggle to to find his unique voice amidst his vast musical influences such as blues, singer-songwriters, classic rock, punk, bebop, soul, funk and classical music (and throw in an obsession with reggae for good measure). He has performed and recorded as a sideman across the globe in diverse situations: from odd-meters instrumental rock-fusion in ZZ top-style US bars, to playing The Blues Tent at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, from the International Night at the Jamaican Sumfest to recording “a sophisticated realm of edgy, romantic pop” (Rolling Stone) as a featured vocalist in the UK.

Along the way, SirJo has produced 5 albums of original material, plus made countless guest appearances on prominent projects, as a singer and keyboard player.

The message SirJo conveys is an empowering one. With music, songs and stories being the messengers of turning one’s problems into one’s stepping stones, a universal message of hope and overcoming our own everyday struggles.

“We can all rediscover ourselves from being ordinary to extraordinary, and cherish ourselves as our own untouchable treasure. It’s a fact, no two of us are the same, and yet we’re all made of the same energy. A truth so basic, yet so hard to remember.”

But what I want my audience to know, that I had to learn the hard way is that …“You can make it if you really try..and you don’t have to necessarily try hard. You can try easy. But I had to try in order to understand my own strength. It was the only way to make the music sound true and to inspire other people”.

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