The Songbook Chronicles

The Songbook Chronicles is a concept project where I release a song every 8/12 weeks: after a series of 4 songs a thematic EP is released, which includes those 4 songs and some acoustic versions. A total of 6 EPs will be released digitally and subsequently a special triple vinyl will be printed, including all the material. This work is the result of various recording sessions that began in June 2016 and continued until June 2018 where, with a super rhythm section, we recorded 88 tracks, all together live in the studio: some were complete songs, others recorded as a rhythm section were revised and completed. The themes of the EPs are designed as a metaphor for the development of the qualities of the human being: 1 Intro 2 Loving 3 Connecting 4 Transmuting 5 Surrendering, 6 Outro.

My TOP 44 Playlist on Spotify has all the tracks I’ve released so far and much more:

The Blues Way

A return to the realness and tradition of the electric Blues language of the 60s and the golden age of Rhythm & Blues, The Blues Way is the project that begins the journey together with Balta Bordoy, as a duo and quartet. My voice and piano playing and the raw and true sound of Balta’s guitar are finally connected in our debut album Heads Up!, composed of 7 songs I wrote and 4 covers, recently recorded with the quartet a Barcelona. The recording was mixed and mastered by famed producer/guitarist Kid Andersen and features special guests Vìctor Puertas on harmonica and Nil Mujal on tenor sax. Balta and I met and started collaborating in Mallorca (Balta’s home) in 2016 and this project is the fruit of the seed that was planted on that magical island.

THE BLUES WAY new website:

Big G & SirJo

Big G & SirJo is a blend of generations united by groove. With Big G aka Luigi Arieta (drummer, singer, producer and MC, 24, resident in Sanremo) we decided to bring together Funk, Rock, Italian songwriting and a touch of Hip Hop, creating a Funk ‘n Roll experience. With Luigi we wrote, arranged and produced every song of this project together, mixing Italian and English. We produced our first album, Danger of Electrocution, containing 10 original songs and a spacey tribute to Hendrix.


Soulful Spaceship

A project that explores the world of Lo-fi, with slow tempos and electro atmospheres: melodies and lyrics that evoke distant times in the past and future, but which are at the same time rooted in the present. Drum Machines, Synthesizers and arpeggiators mix with electric pianos, voices and acoustic instruments to create an Electro Lo-fi Soul sound.

Violet Fire Productions

Violet Fire is a creative studio born from the meeting of five eclectic artists, whose skills range from writing to music, from acting to software creation, from directing to the construction of miniature worlds, from innovative services to the creation and artistic direction of events.



SirJo Cocchi Voce solista, Tastiere, Direzione musicale
Pancho RagonesePianoforti acustici, elettrici & synth
Lorenzo PoliBasso Giovanni Giorgi – Batteria
Isabella CasucciVocalist Elisa Rosselli – Vocalist
Alex Usai – Chitarra, Alessandro DiaferioChitarra
Pepe RagoneseTromba
Valentino FinoliSassofoni ed ance


Un’ unità creativa di 10 musicisti che miscela il sapore del Soul con Funk, Rock e Jazz. FOUNDATION: Le fondamenta di questo progetto sono alcune canzoni scritte di SirJo ed arrangiate con l’apporto creativo della band, composta da top players della scena italiana. ACTION: da queste canzoni si parte per un viaggio che integra groove, riff conosciuti (e non) ed improvvisazione. La band ha pubblicato due album: As it used 2b (2010) e As it is (2017)


The Mighty Groovin’ Stuff è un progetto del compositore/trombettista Pepe Ragonese. Le composizioni originali sono un tributo al Funk Jazz con beat moderni, suoni vintage, canzoni/slogan tipiche del Funk ed improvvisazioni. Il primo album è stato appena prodotto ed è uscito nell’Autunno 017.

Pepe RagoneseComposizione, Arrangiamenti, Tromba, Cori & Chitarra
Pancho RagoneseWurlitzer piano, Basso Synth
Alessandro UsaiChitarra & Cori

Martino MalacridaBatteria
Rudi Manzoli – Sax & Cori

SirJo Cocchi – Voce, Organo e Synth